Wishing for sunshine and waiting for Spring!

As the weather slowly improves, we hope many of you who have been slow at returning to your Pilates routine will find your way back to the studio. Your interest in Pilates, your support and loyalty are truly appreciated. We have the best students!

Look for the second Pilates Walk Workshop. It should be on the April schedule. More details to follow.

Our current REWARDS program ended on December 20. Thanks for participating. Congratulations to those of you who won a Reward! 

Check our schedule often, especially during March and April.  There may be some changes to it through out the month depending on weather and class attendance. The schedule on this website is easily changed and remains up-dated. Our paper schedules may not have recent changes. Please call or email the studio if you have any questions. 

NOTE- In case of a storm or snow, any closings or cancellations will be posted here as well as be on my voice mail. You may call: 401-333-8550.  We try and give students 1 to 1 &1/2 hours notice before a class if possible.

Body Dynamics offers a variety of classes as well as private Pilates and TRX sessions. Our Private (and Semi-Private) Pilates and TRX sessions are listed as ‘appointments’ on our WellnessLiving sign up site.  

Lisa teaches both Private and Semi-Private TRX on Wednesdays from 7:00am until 11:00am. Please contact Lisa or the studio. Sheramy teaches semi-private Pilates on Mondays.

Peggy is available for Private Reformer sessions. Call 401-333-8550


Booking your classes:

Wellnessliving (our support and booking system) has unveiled a new mobile booking system. So, if you like booking from your phone, this is for you. It is called Achieve Client App.  We have set up the basic App program. To put this on your phone go to the app store and type in Wellnessliving Achieve. You log in using your Body Dynamics log in information. It looks like you may need to pay for it but the basic app is free. It will make looking at our schedule and booking on your phone easier. The only thing that you can not do is pay from the phone. But you can do that easily at the studio. Give it a try.

IMPORTANT:. We ask that you please pre-register for class. You can see our class schedule by clicking on the small header “Group Class Schedule”. Group class cards can be purchased on line by clicking “Buy Class Card Here”. Also other services can be reserved from our website now using ‘Wellnessliving’ but you will need to pay when you come into the studio. For TRX and Private lessons go to appointments.  You can find our cancellation policy and other notes on our ‘What’s New’ page.

Please welcome Massage Therapist and Bodyworker LINDA NUGENT to It’s My Health. She is booking appointments Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  You may contact her at: (cell) 781-264-6929 or ‘aquarianbw@icloud.com’


We are located at: ‘IT’S MY HEALTH’  


(401) 333-8550