Studio News and Updates

  Current News

We are open for classes! We are now offering a number of classes in the studio. It has been wonderful to see our dedicated students support us! The current classes are available to only small groups of students. Virtual Classes continue as well. All classes can be found on our group class page. You must pre-register at least an hour before class to attend. If you have any questions please contact Peggy at 401-333-8550. Keep your eye on the schedule as it will be shifting as we work to meet our students needs while following the Govenors guidelines.. We look forward to seeing you in the studio! Also, Glofox is hosting our class videos. Once you have the Glofox App, go to the Community page to view the video. We hope to continue to add videos to this page in the months ahead.


#1 Tier – Membership/18 Group classes in a month

Reccuring Membership -$145.00

Monthly Member – $150.00

#2 Tier – Membership/12 Group Classes a month

Recurring Membership- $95.00 Monthly

Monthly payment- $100.00 (Pay as You go Monthly)

#3 Tier – Membership/ 8 classes Monthly

Recurring Membership $65.00 monthly

Monthly Membership $70.00 (Pay as You Go, Monthly)

#4 Tier – Monthly Virtual Add-on For Class Card Members

$20.00 per Month

#5 Tier – 10 Virtual Classes

$40.00 a month

#6 Tier – 14 Virtual Classes a month


#7 – Class Card – 10 Classes to be used within 3 months $125.00 

New student specials are available.

We often offer Workshops that are Pilates and Mind-Body based. Look for one of these that interest you.

Pilates is such a wonderful system of exercise.  

BD Pilates is a contemporary Pilates studio which has been teaching women and men of all ages for over 17 years. Our highly trained instructors will help you meet your fitness goals. See our Pilates class schedule and class descriptions for more information. We love introducing new students to all our studio has to offer. Besides Pilates Mat work, you can enjoy a Wednesday TRX session with Lisa. Check out a Pilates Yoga Fusion class, a Barre class or find out what Pilates for Osteoporosis is all about. We also are happy to book small groups (you and a couple friends) to introduce you to Pilates or to help you advance your understanding of Pilates, in a fun way. Private Refomer, small group instruction, and TRX sessions available.

Looking Back at 2019

A review of the workshop this  summer – Wednesday August 14 at 6pm ‘Pilates for Osteoporosis/ Buff Bones’  was a successful and fun evening. The workshop introduced students to safe exercises to improve their bone strength, core strength, alignment and balance. If this sounds like something you would like to try, join us for Strong Core/ Strong Bones (Pilates for Osteoporosis) on Mondays at 3:45 at our Pilates Studio in Cumberland. ‘Strong Core/ Strong Bones’ is also offered on Wednesday evenings.

Join us as we continue to explore the links between Pilates, osteoporosis, and bone strength. Learn safe and appropriate exercies.

NOTE-  Closings or cancellations due to weather or an emergency will be posted here as well as be on my voice mail. You may call: 401-333-8550.  We try and give students  1 to 1 &1/2 hours notice before a class if possible. The class cancellations will be reflected on our WellnessLiving class page.

IMPORTANT: We ask that you please pre-register for class. You can see our class schedule by clicking on the small header “Group Class Schedule”. Group class cards can be purchased on line by clicking “Buy Class Card Here”. For reserved appointments or lessons you will need to pay when you come into the studio.  TRX and Private lessons are booked as appointments. You can find our cancellation policy and other notes on our ‘Policies’ page.