The Benefits Of Pilates

Pilates has become more popular in the past 15 years or so.

Despite it’s popularity people ask me ‘What is Pilates’ ? Or they say ‘I hear that it Pilates is hard.’ Or ‘Why would I do Pilates?’

Well, Pilates has been around since the 1930’s. I think this shows that it has value.

Pilates is done on mats or on one of the exercise machines created by Joe Pilates.

It’s benefits are building strong but supple muscles. People learn to connect with their Powerhouse also referred to as the Core. Improved alignment and balance are benefits. Reduced musclar discomfort and stiffness are benefits as well as improving ones ability to participate in sports or engage in other physical activities without pain. I love it when people tell me that they have more energy and feel youthful and less stressed. They discover a deeper awarness of their body as well as notice a quiter mind!

Myself and my instructors are always happy to introduce new people to the benefits of Pilates. Text or call me if you are looking for more information.